Pisces Fishing Report: September 8th-14th 2012

Overall Catch Success Rate 100%

BILLFISH: A surprise this week was the number of sailfish, surpassing those of striped marlin; several boats had two and three each as well as smaller game. Weather was again hot in Cabo but as a general rule of thumb, hot weather produces great catches – in fact every boat we sent out caught fish of some sort. We were again refreshed by rain at the end of the week, but thankfully without a storm, nevertheless the Port Captain chose to keep the port closed on Friday, due to larger than average waves. September 8th was one of the top days when “Cabolero” caught and released three sailfish up to 90 lbs, as well as boating three dorado and a tuna. The sailfish took ballyhoo, the dorado green and orange lures and the tuna a sardine – great fishing for Mitch Sandifer and friends from San Clemente, Ca. Our second triple sailfish catch was aboard “Falcon” for Chase Galbraith and Tom Lippincott, from Dallas and Houston respectively. They fished the same area “herradura” using the same methods as above. This same day “Rebecca” chose to go to a different spot and picked the 95 spot for anglers Ralph Mundia from Yorba Linda, Ca and Paul Paulson from Gary, Indiana. Captain J.R kept these guys busy, releasing a striped marlin and a sailfish, ten yellowfin tuna of football size and a skipjack. Other notable catches were aboard “La Brisa” on September 11th with two sailfish released, eight tunas and eight dorado caught, outside the Golden Gate for Connie Jones & Mike Salia from Phoenix, Arizona. Annette Warren from Golden, Colorado booked the “Andrea” for her party and was pleased with the days result of one striped marlin released, fourteen tunas, three dorado and a skipjack; they fished on the Pacific between Migrino and Elias Calles. Pisces anglers caught a total of 6 striped marlin and 14 sailfish. Fifty four percent of our boats caught billfish.

OTHERS SPECIES: Yellow fin tuna was the top catch in Cabo this week, with sixty one percent of charters catching between one and twenty five fish. The majority of the tuna were from ten to twenty five pounds, but there were exceptions, such as hefty 110 lb er caught by Richard Mantell from Huntington Beach, California, aboard “Cabolero” which too a white squid type lure seventeen miles from Land’s End. For sheer numbers “Andrea” came out on top with 24 in a day, plus 8 white skipjack and a dorado for Rocky Warren and party from Golden, Colorado. Our total tuna count this week was 175 fish, even with some commercial boats in the area. Dorado catches were high, as expected in summer months with fifty seven percent of our boats catching between one and twenty five fish, with weights seldom over 25 lbs. “Tracy Ann” headed up the dorado chart with twenty five in a day just half a mile from Los Arcos for Garret Kusak from Victoria Texas who along with friends also released a striped marlin – feathers and live caballito did the trick on the dorado. Our total count for dorado was 80 fish this week. The only boat to have a wahoo this week was “Great Escape Jr” with angler Troy Clay on board, who also caught six dorado; the wahoo was on the small side at 30 lbs. The only other catches were of skipjack with most the white variety which are good to eat.

LOCATION: Pozo Cota, Elias Calles Gaspareno, Herradura, 95, 11.50 spot – most catches on the Pacific.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Cloudy, hot, some rain, skies now clear.


BEST LURES: Ballyhoo, caballito, cedar plugs, feathers, green/orange, purple/black.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg