Pisces Sportfishing September 21st – 27th 2013

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 67%, Dorado 86%, Tuna 29%, Other 20%

Overall Catch Success Rate 100%

BILLFISH: Fishing in Cabo remains unabated with anglers being kept busy in waters teeming with fish, well perhaps more dorado than marlin but nevertheless great catches. Thankfully this week the port was open every day and even with a big moon we still had some nice hookups. “Fearless” had the largest fish of the week for Glen Sheridan from East Windsor, New Jersey on September 21st. The fish took a green & black lure at Punta Gorda and was estimated at almost 400 lbs. before being released. This was not the only blue for Fearless as on September 25th they released a smaller, 250 lb’er, along with three sailfish, one striped marlin & two tuna – now that’s fishing! Fearless was definitely on a roll and released another blue marlin for glen Sheridan as well as a striper & eight dorado – three blue marlin in a week, great job Captain Benito. Pisces Tracy Ann also had a blue marlin a few days later, around the same size & had a busy day going on to release three sailfish, one striped marlin & two tuna for Lee & Loel Wilson from Missouri fishing with Dave and Brett smith from Dallas. The 72 ft. Elliott Alure, had a fantastic day at the end of the week, fishing on the Pacific they released a 225 lb. blue marlin & two striped marlin, plus a 40 lb. wahoo and twenty dorado. Halcon was the top sailfish boat; releasing five in one day as well as a striped marlin at the 11.50 spot for Kevin Delahousey from Nicholasville, Kentucky. The catches of striped marlin were generally of a single fish plus some dorado, though a few boats got two or even three. Top striper boat though was Yahoo, with four released up to 160 lbs. plus eight dorado for Scott & Valerie Canfield from Bakersfield, California. Every boat we sent out this week caught fish of some type, with sixty seven percent of charters catching billfish, giving us a total of 63 consisting of 39 striped marlin, 20 sailfish & 4 blue marlin.

OTHERS SPECIES: Dorado were everywhere in Cabo this week & catches of 20 plus fish per boat were common. Many of the smaller fish are being released, but anglers are going home with ice chests full of this tasty sportsfish. Dorado were the top catch this period with sixty seven percent of charters catching between one and twenty four with the average around twelve fish in a day. They were found over a widespread area and were ravenous, taking bait & lures. Our total dorado count, including fish released was 681 fish. Yellow fin tuna catches were a little better this week, with twenty nine percent of boats catching between one and twenty fish, though sizes were nothing special at 15 to 20 lbs. It was nice to see some big wahoo come in, as in recent years it is rare we see anything over 50 lbs.; this week we had one that weighed 75 lbs. and took 45 minutes to land aboard La Brisa, after it took a guacamaya lure by angler Michael Hanson from San Francisco, Ca. The other large wahoo was caught aboard Adriana and took a purple rapala by angler Rocky Warren from Golden, Colorado and weighed 64 lbs. Jean Paul Grenier from British Columbia released a 60 lb. mako shark at the 11.50 spot aboard Speedwell – he also released a sailfish & caught six dorado along with Kate McLean. The only other catches for us were a few skipjack.

WEATHER: Seems to have cooled off a little, seas are calm in the morning but have had some whitecaps late in the afternoon on the Pacific. Skies partly cloudy.

LOCATION: Pozo Cota, Golden Gate, Margaritas, 11.50, 95 spot, Cabrillo, Migrino, Herradura, Destiladeras – basically everywhere.


BEST LURES: ballyhoo, guacamaya, green, caballito, orange black.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg