Pisces Sportfishing July 27th – 2nd August 2013

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 99%

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 97%, Dorado 54%, Tuna 24%

BILLFISH: We are having a fantastic summer with billfish thick off of the Cabo coast. Once the moon waned we saw high marlin numbers come back for many boats. Best one day today was for Pisces Tracy Ann with twelve striped marlin released at Punta Gorda for Frank & Joseph Ianno from Staten Island, New York – that’s a lot of fish for two guys. This same day, July 27th, Pisces La Brisa managed to release eight marlin in the 100 to 130 lb. range for Paul Stoakes, Jay Moroso & Brent Crifton from Orange, California. Cabolero equaled this catch with eight marlin too for a group from Caldwell, Texas headed up by Gene Chemelari. One of the most spectacular catches was aboard Great Escape Jr by Doug Schwindt, Robert Coleman & Joseph Vlatner; they caught and released two blue marlin in the 300-400 lb. class at the Carbrillo sea mount as well as landing eight tuna and a dorado – now that’s a great day.To add to the mix of blue & striped marlin, sailfish catches increased. Pisces Valerie released three up to 70 lbs. as well as a striped marlin and a dorado for William & Lisa Molfetto from Sugarland, Texas. Pisces C Rod also had three sailfish & a striped marlin, but did even better by adding a dorado, two tuna & a jack crevalle for Kevin Sihey & Charlie Gillerang from Los Angeles. Pisces Ruthless was top boat on August 1st for Kevin Chiles from Natalia, Texas with three sailfish, two striped marlin and two dorado. Practically every boat out this week caught billfish giving us a catch rate of ninety seven percent. Pisces anglers caught 152 striped marlin, 15 sailfish and 2 blue marlin, all but two fish were released.

OTHER SPECIES: You know summer is here when you start to see the dorado numbers creep up and that’s what they did this week as fifty four percent of charters caught fish up to 50 lbs. Instead of the usual one or two fish, we saw boats catching four and five in a day, giving anglers some great fish to have cooked here or to take home. Our total dorado count was 69 fish. Tuna catches dropped slightly but then most boats weren’t risking a long ride out for an unsure result and preferred to go for the more sure billfish. When tuna were caught it was when they were a little closer. La Brisa took a 35 mile ride out on August 1st and caught eleven tuna up to 25 lbs., a 30 lb. dorado and released a striped marlin for Nate Pugh from Pasadena, Ca. Twenty four percent of our boats caught tuna giving us a total of 54 fish. Listo was the only boat to catch a wahoo for us, actually on a half day charter, with the weight at just above 40 lbs. Inshore roosterfish could be found, along with a few jack crevalle, white skipjacks and the odd stray marlin.

WEATHER: Great, mostly clear skies, days are hot but nights bearable even without a.c – seas moderate to calm.

LOCATION: Mixed -Punta Gorda. 95 spot, Chileno, 3 miles off of Land’s End, San Jaime, Santa Maria, Old Lighthouse – Pacific and Sea of Cortez.


BEST LURES: Live bait, green/yellow lures, cedar plugs.

Based on the catches of Pisces by Tracy Ehrenberg