August 16th to 22nd, 2014

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 94%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 62%, Dorado 85%, Tuna 19%, Other 24%
BILLFISH:  The bite in Cabo has definitely picked up since our last report, with a 20% increase in billfish captures up from 44% to a 62% this week.  Our turnaround may be due to water temperatures becoming more stable and to the moon being in its darker stages. Temperatures on land have been around the 90’s, accompanied by high humidity, sunny to partly cloudy skies, and even a few showers in San Jose del Cabo and the Pacific side.  
The Shambala stands out this week, with an impressive capture of two marlin species for anglers Katie Gorman and Kris Couillard, both from Massachusetts, and Deb & Kim Barrow from Washington state not only did they land a 240 lbs. blue marlin, on a green lure, they also caught and released two striped marlin estimated to be around 120-140lbs, on live bait and as if that was not enough, they went on to catch a wahoo, dorado and seven tuna – pretty impressive for this all girl team.  All their action took place at the Pozo de Cota area of the Pacific side close to shore. 
The Rebecca also did well out on the Pacific side near Migri?o, for Brian and Linda Meadors from Texas. They caught and released three Striped Marlin in the 80-120lbs range on live caballito and also caught tuna and twelve skipjacks – they could have done even better, as they hooked two blue marlin both of which got off, but that left a lasting impression on this couple, for a trip that Brian said “I will remember forever”.
The Ruthless one of our ever popular 31 ft. Bertram’s, caught and released two striped Marlin in the 100-130lbs range, as well as a sailfish estimated in the 80-90lbs range for Kent and Trevor Hughes from Austin, Texas.  A few days later this same boat caught a 252 lb. blue marlin & eight dorado for William Acker from the same town. On August 20th, another one of our Bertram’s, this time the Tiburon had a great day for Brade family from Midland, Texas when they released a blue marlin, just shy of 200 lbs. & two striped marlin, whilst boating a dorado for the table. Valerie had a superb day for Joe & Shelly Martini from Florida on August 21st at the Golden Gate, when they released four sailfish on a combination of lures and live bait and also boated four dorado. Newcomer to the fleet Flora T II had a muscle tiring day for Kelly Johns and friends from Dallas when they released a blue marlin, striped marlin, sailfish and caught twenty five dorado, twelve of which were released. Michael Harrell out on La Brisa was very fortunate to hook a black marlin at Golden Gate, which they tried unsuccessfully to release – it was a young fish at 182 lbs., but they were able to release a striped marlin and boat five dorado.  Pisces anglers caught a total of 46 billfish this week, consisting of 33 striped marlin, 9 sailfish, 3 blue marlin & 1 black marlin.
OTHER SPECIES: Dorado catches soared this week to a whopping 85% making them the most widely caught species in Cabo this period. The good thing is they were fairly close and spread along the Pacific coastline meaning most boats could find them. Catches ranged from on to up to twenty five fish with the average right around five fish per charter. They took pretty much anything, live bait or lures in a variety of colors. Our total dorado catch was 264 fish.  Tuna catches dropped a little more this week with just 19% of boats catching usually just a single fish, the only exception was Tiburon who caught twelve up to 35 lbs., twenty miles off of Balmaceda for Doug & Eve Pena. A half dozen wahoo were caught but none more than 38 lbs., but nevertheless much appreciated by those who got to eat them. The only other species caught was skipjack.
WEATHER:  Mostly sunny, hot and humid, with clouds threatening rain that never came. Seas were moderate with swells on some days. 
LOCATION: Pacific side from the Lighthouse to Golden Gate.
BEST LURES: Live caballito, green, orange & assorted colors.