Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report December 19 – 24, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 93%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 51%, Dorado 53%, Other 16%
BILLFISH: This week saw steady catches of striped marlin for a little more than half of the boats, with a few sudden spikes of multiple catches per single boat.  Weather has been colder and windier, which meant boats couldn’t always fish the Pacific where more marlin were believed to be.  One of the top catches in a single day goes to Pisces Yahoo for six stripers up to 140 LBS at Pozo de Cota for the Hattners from Keller, Texas on December 20th; they also caught two dorado.  Tracy Ann had the only sailfish of the week, a big one, estimated at 110 LBS, plus two striped marlin released for Swedish anglers Ola Eklund, Peter Mucander and Johan Ingenmanusson; all three fish took live caballito at the Herradura.  Next day out it was Greg & Jack Sullivan who had the best day, this time aboard La Brisa as they released four striped marlin up to 120 LBS at Los Arcos.  They also managed to land two dorado for the dinner table.  It’s no wonder Tracy Ann won top marlin boat for Pisces this year; they seem to have a knack for it and proved it by releasing six marlin up to 100 LBS on December 21st for McCullough family from Fayetteville, Georgia – well done!  One of the most enviable days was aboard Flora T for a group from Dallas headed up by Darrell Overcash – they released three striped marlin and caught six dorado and two wahoo, fishing at Los Arcos. The marlin were spread out this week, with no one set location.  Boats started out fishing on the Cortez side then moved up the Pacific as far as Golden Gate.  Fifty one percent of our charters caught between one and six marlin giving us a total catch of 61 billfish.
OTHER SPECIES: Dorado catches were steady for most boats and could be caught over a wide area. When found, catches ranged from one to nine fish in the 15 to 25 LB class.  Pisces Valerie had an active day on dorado on the Pacific at Migrino where they caught nine dorado on a combination of ballyhoo and ballyhoo for Brad Lassila and family from Colorado.  Adriana, one of our 28 ft. boats, had some good dorado action too, with eight caught up to 25 LBS at Los Arcos and Margaritas for a group of anglers from Kansas.  Fifty three percent of our anglers caught dorado this week giving us a total catch of 129 fish.  Tuna catches were very slow this week with just a few boats even finding them.  The exception was Bill Collector who headed to Jaime Bank on the Pacific and managed to land fifteen up to 20 LBS for Ross Benson and Steve Buckley and friends from New Jersey and Massachusetts respectively.  Several boats caught wahoo this week but they are by no means plentiful and tended to be small at 15 to 20 LBS.  There was not much inshore action except for an odd triggerfish, rooster or sierra.
LOCATION: 95 spot on the Cortez side, then Los Arcos, Pedregal, Migrino, Margaritas and Golden Gate.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Windy and on the cold side, mostly overcast, seas moderate to choppy.
BEST LURES: Live bait.
Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.