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Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report June 27 to July 3, 2015

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 94%
Numbers at a glance: Billfish 84%, Tuna 21%, Other 33%

Brian, Chris, Ed, Scott and Tom from Florida and Georgia were the lucky anglers aboard our 31 ft Cabolero, who caught (and released) 2 striped marlins, 6 dorados and 2 yellowin tunas, all in one fishing trip.  

BILLFISH: Wow what an incredible week; fishing was hot with multiple catches of blue & striped marlin as well as sailfish.  The week culminated in the Stars and Stripes tournament, a fun, well run event, which raised over two million dollars for charity. One of our top boats was Pisces Listo which on June 27th released ten striped marlin & a 300 lb. blue marlin for team SoCal anglers during the Stars & Stripes event.  Samantha Everhardt from Texas released a 320 lb. blue marlin, which took her just an hour and 15 minutes to subdue, whilst her companion Kyle, released a striped marlin  around 120 lbs.; both fish were caught at Destiladeras aboard Pisces Rebecca.  Blue marlin are a definite goal for anglers that have been fishing Cabo for years and have released striped marlin, but these bigger fish are more elusive and fewer and farther between, this week though we had first time anglers as well as repeat clients that were able to get a blue.  Jen, Brad & Mark Hoffman from Gainesville, Florida had a blue marlin that took them four hours to fight to the boat before releasing the approximately 300 lb. fish – they also released a striped marlin aboard Pisces Andrea.  Rick Walsh, long time Pisces angler was able to release a blue marlin close to 250 lbs. aboard Rebecca also at Destiladeras.  Ruthless, Speedwell & Cabolero each released a blue marlin in the 200 to 250 lb. class on July 2nd with lures of various colors the trick to getting a hook up.   Deddi & Eddie West from North Carolina were some of the only anglers that went to the Pacific side; Captain Julio guided them to San Jaime aboard Tracy Ann where they released six striped marlin & boated a wahoo.  La Brisa had a super busy day Tom Ginn & friends on June 29th, they took up a huge space on our fish report with three striped marlin, a sailfish, two pilot sharks, two yellowfin tuna and four skipjacks.  Remember the hotter the weather the hotter the fishing.  Pisces anglers caught a total of 71 billfish, consisting of 54 striped marlin, 8 blue marlin and 9 sailfish released.

OTHER SPECIES:  There were some good yellowfin tuna catches with some boats able to catch up to 24 in a day, mostly of school size but there were also some sizeable ones, such as 155 lb’er caught aboard Shambala by Tampa, Florida anglers who also released two striped marlin.  This same day Bill Collector landed a 147 lb. tuna for Mark Chiavetta, the largest of fourteen caught by this group, as well a striped marlin release.  The pilot sharks don’t seem to want to leave as they are still mixed in with the striped marlin and we had ten released this week.  Dorado catches were on the slow side with just a few caught here and there.  We did have some nice roosterfish, such as a 45 lb. fish caught aboard Pisces Valerie; these anglers lucked out as they also caught seven dorado and eleven skipjack.  Jack crevalle, amberjack & skipjacks rounded out the rest of the catches. 

LOCATION: Destiladeras, 11.50 spot, Punta Gorda, 95 spot, off of Cerro Colorado.

WEATHER: hot, skies mostly clear, seas calm.


BEST LURES: live bait for striped marlin, lures for blue marlin, cedar plugs for tuna.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing by Tracy Ehrenberg.

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