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Pisces Cabo Fish Report, March 31st to April 6th, 2023

Overall Catch Success Rate 89%

Billfish catch success rate 4%, Dorado 7%, Tuna 13%, Other species 75%

Fishing this week remained inshore mostly, with a lot of effort having to be put in to producing elsewhere, and not much luck really. Only 3 Marlin Released this week and with Spring break and lots of kids around most clients opted for some fun fishing and good eating. Weather was ok, wind picking up on some days, but mostly sunny skies.

Top producing boats this week were Pisces 28’ Andrea with 77 fish caught including releases, mostly Sierra Mackerel, Grouper and some Roosterfish Released. Pisces 31’ Tracy Ann had 85 fish this week including a few Tuna.

Let’s start in our “Other” category, as this saw 75% of the fish caught this week – which included most inshore and bottom species from Grouper, Snapper, Ladyfish, Triggerfish, Pompano, Skipjack, Sierra Mackerel and a few nice Roosterfish Releases.  

On one of their best days, Pisces 28’ Andrea had 15 Sierra Mackerel, 2 Grouper, 2 Red Snapper, and 4 Triggerfish at Migrino. Pisces 31’ Tracy Ann   and friends aboard,  the Fundingslands and Weinsteins from Illinois, got off to a late departure, but Captain Julio still managed to get them on the fish. Seventeen Sierra Mackerel and 2 Skipjack total.

Pisces 31’ Ruthless had a great day with anglers from Colorado Releasing 2 Roosterfish on live bait, then chumming for Grouper and Snapper, with 2 and 9 caught respectively. They also had Ladyfish and Skipjack.

Pisces 38’ C Rod did well this same day also at Migrino, with 2 Sierra Mackerel on hoochies, 10 Grouper, 10 Ladyfish and 10 Triggerfish.  

Pisces 31’ Rebecca had 20 Sierra Mackerel midweek, with fish averaging between 6 and 10 lbs each. Anglers were Daniel Corredor, James Willis & Steven Davis. On yet another, they caught 21 Sierra Mackerel and also managed to Release 3 small Roosterfish of about 5 lbs. 

Roosterfish started showing up a bit larger in size towards the end of the week, of about 10 lbs or so. Pisces has begun conducting a Research study in partnership with IGFA, Texas A&M, and local and international scientists, including Dra Sofia Ortega of CICIMAR in La Paz. The full video on our first Roosterfish DNA Samples can be seen here: ROOSTERFISH CONSERVATION.

For Dorado and Tuna  catches, Pisces 31’ Rebecca landed 2 small Dorado, one release on hooches at the 11:50 Spot, as well as 3 Yellowfin Tuna  and Skipjack between 12 and 16 lbs on cedar plugs. Pisces 62’ Chasin Tail also had 6 small Dorado about 18 Miles south of the Old Lighthouse, all in the 5-6 lbs range.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Mostly calm, 3 ft waves max, wind picking up on some days

WATER TEMP: 70 – 74 F

BEST LURES: Live and dead caballito, mackerel, chumming, hoochies, cedar plugs.

BEST LOCATIONS: Migrino, 11:50 Spot. 


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Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing Fleet, by Rebecca Ehrenberg 

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