Pisces Fish Report August 25th to September 1st

Overall catch success rate, all species combined: 65%

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 28%, Tuna 14%, Dorado 12%, other 24%.

This week was again similar to last, in that the fishing was rather slow, but if you were lucky you might catch the ONE. Inconsistency this week meant anglers needed to fish a few days to have the best odds. Even with this, still quite a few catches worth noting! For example, Pisces Tag Team III, caught and released a nice 400 lbs Black Marlin, which I will give you more details on below.

The most successful boat in terms of billfish catches this week was Pisces 31′ Tracy Ann, with 5 marlin total this week, including blues and striped. August 26th for example, they caught 1 striped marlin of about 80 lbs  out of La Herradura on caballito bait and 1 blue marlin of about 280 lbs on a tigrillo lure. Both fish were released by anglers from Marietta, Georgia. A few days later they caught and released  another small striped marlin of about 60 lbs, about 35 miles out, at the 200 Spot, on caballito bait.They also landed two nice yellowfin tunas on cedar plugs, anglers were the Harding and Robbins families.

As for the black marlin this week,  Pisces 37′ Tag Team III caught the fish out at Punta Gorda with skipjack as bait. It only took angler Ron Kawaja, owner of Pelagic Gear, about 20 mins to bring the fish to the boat on 80 lbs test,  and successfully release it.

And although Tracy Ann had the most billfish caught, the most successful boats this week (100% catch success rate) were only the Pisces 31′ Ruthless and the Pisces 35′ Valerie. The Ruthless’ best day was August 29th, when anglers Donald Goldman and Karen Barton from Texas caught 2 dorado of about 12 lbs each on feathers at Cerros de Arena, 2 sailfish of about 70 lbs each at Las Margaritas and 6 triggerfish and Ladyfish at Pozo Cota by chumming. All billfish were released. The next day, anglers from Napa, CA, found luck aboard the Ruthless out at the 11.50 Spot. They landed 4 yellowfin tuna, the smallest of about 10 lbs, and the largest about 45 lbs. Fish hit on caballito bait, feathers and cedar plugs.

Starting off the week we had Pisces 35′ Valerie catch and release 1 striped marlin of about 100 lbs out at La Herradura on caballito bait. A few days later they caught 2 dorado of about 15 lbs between Migrino and Golden Gate and one 10 lbs yellowfin tuna on cedar plug lure.

This week we saw many varied small game catches closer to shore, which made great fun for new or young anglers and those wanted to fish half day. For example, Pisces 42ft Yahoo had a few young anglers for a half day; the crew took to teaching the kids how to bait and catch their own fish and they learned well! 16 triggerfish total (8 released)  for Lesly, Mya and Dad, Kenneth Mallek from Mississippi. The Yahoo also caught and released 2 striped marlin earlier in the week. Pisces 42′ Caliente and 42′ Hot Rod also caught and released 1 striped marlin each this week.

Pisces 31′ Cabolero, again showed up with the only wahoo this week, their expertise. A Nice 30 pounder, that hit on caballito at Los Arcos. Anglers also landed a nice 15 bs dorado on caballito. The Pisces 31′ Rebecca did well to catch a small roosterfish of about 10 lbs at the 11.50 Spot and 1 striped marlin, which they released, too.

Other small game included sierra and grouper mainly, but we also saw some amberjack and skipjacks too. Pisces 28′ Adriana caught 1 grouper and 1 sierra this week at Golden Gate on rapalas. Pisces Panga Poseidon also caught a nice grouper out at Solmar by chumming, 1 skipjack and 7 triggerfish, all for anglers Brant and Judson (11 and 13 years old).

LOCATION: Migrino, 11.50 Spot, Golden Gate, La Herradura.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Mostly calm, some swell.


BEST LURES: Caballito bait, chumming and cedar plug or feather lures.

Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing Fleet by Rebecca Ehrenberg