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Pisces Fish Report- October 22nd to October 28th, 2016


October 22nd to October 28th, 2016


Overall catch success rate, all species combined: 72%

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 49%, Tuna 12%, Dorado 30%, other 7%

This week we saw an overall decrease in our catch success rate, with 72% of boats catching fish. The beginning and end of the week saw better catches, with about half of boats catching fish during the middle of the week. Despite this, we still saw individual boats get lucky and land some impressive catches. We had a very large 639lbs blue marlin boated on the 23rd by Jamie and Ben from California, as well as a 35lbs dorado. This was her Jamie’s first time catching a marlin, while they were also celebrating their wedding anniversary on this day. This fish was landed with captain Eric Orozco on the Pisces Hot Rod, taking a tigrillo lure about one mile offshore from Rancho Las Margaritas. Had this fish been caught just two days earlier in the Bisbee’s tournament, it would have placed in first and been worth quite a pretty penny. The Pisces Tracy Ann, captained by Julio Castro had a great day on the 24th, they took out a group of anglers from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; to the Sea Mount spot. They ended up catching and releasing two blue marlin of around 200-220lbs, as well as an 80lbs sailfish and a 15lbs yellowfin. The 28th saw some great multiple marlin numbers landed on Pisces boats, all landed on caballito live bait on the Pacific side. The Pisces Ruthless, caught and released five striped marlin of around120-150lbs, for a group of anglers from New York. While the Pisces Tracy Ann did the same feat, catching and releasing five striped marlin in the same range for a group of anglers form Santa Cruz, California. And last but not least, the Pisces Rebecca, caught and released three striped marlin, just off of Punta Lobos for a group of anglers from North Carolina.

The 22nd saw the Pisces C Rod, captained by Abel Ramirez come in with two yellowfin tuna above a hundred pounds. Weighing in at 132 & 146lbs respectively, for a group of anglers from Texas. While on the 23rd the Pisces Yahoo, captained by Ricardo Escamilla, landed five yellowfin tuna, mostly in the 30-40lbs range, with a large 147lbs tuna as well. They were landed about 30 miles from the 140 Spot, for a group of anglers from Texas. The 26th was our best day for large tuna, with various boats landing fish over 100lbs. The Pisces Andrea caught and released a striped marlin, and then landed a 168lbs yellowfin tuna. While the Pisces Flora T, caught two behemoths, weighing in at 186 and 135lbs each. This was about 30 miles from the 180 Spot, for a group of anglers from Texas. Followed by the Pisces Tracy Ann, that landed a 231 pound monster tuna at the 11:50 Spot on a green-yellow lure for the Bulaon’s from California.

LOCATION: Pacific side.


WEATHER CONDITIONS: Mostly sunny with some clouds, high humidity and temperatures in the upper 80’s, with calm seas.




BEST LURES: Caballito live bait, green-yellow lures


Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing Fleet by Glenn Ehrenberg


(Photographs by Oscar Ba?aga)


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