Pisces Fish Report-July 8th to July 14th, 2017


July 8th to July 14th, 2017


Overall catch success rate, all species combined: 75%

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 48%, Tuna 35%, Dorado 8%, other 11%.


Sailfish coming in for release aboard the Pisces Hot Rod

Fishing in Cabo has been mostly good this week, although there was a slow down with about half of boats skunked on a few days mid-week. However, when it has been good throughout the rest of the week, we’ve seen boats land a varied array of summer species. We saw another rare Pacific shortbill spearfish this week, so we doubt that anyone is going to continue to believe that they are that rare in our waters. However, we only usually see about 2-3 of these in a whole year usually. We saw quite a few sailfish this week as well, this generally signals that the summer water temperatures have arrived. There were also a number of blue and striped marlin caught on Pisces boats, some very large dorado, along with yellowfin tuna, wahoo and grouper.


Our top boats these week:

Melisa Wiler released this 30 pound spearfish aboard the Pisces Tracy Ann, to her right captain Julio. 

-The 31ft Pisces Tracy Ann captained by Julio Castro and deckhand Martin took out Chad and Melissa Wiler from Ohio. Melisa was lucky enough to release a 30 pound spearfish, they also landed a 340 pound blue marlin on a petrolero lure, and a 35 pound wahoo. While also landing eleven yellowfin tuna in the 10-20 pound range, all fish where landed at San Jaime.

Triple hook-up aboard the Pisces Hot Rod  for these anglers from Gastonia, NC.  

Take a snap and send it back! This sailfish was released aboard the Pisces Hot Rod

-The 42ft Pisces Hot Rod captained by Erick Orozco, took out anglers Logan and Steven from Gastonia, North Carolina about 26 miles to the 1150 Spot. They had an incredible triple hook up into two sailfish in the 100-110 pound range, as well as a 170 pound striped marlin. They later landed two yellowfin tuna of around 15 pounds.


52 pound dorado landed aboard the Pisces Ruthless.

52 pound dorado landed aboard the Pisces Ruthless (Photo by Oscar Ba?aga).

-The 31ft Pisces Ruthless captained by Beto Lira had the Giglio’s from Houston, Texas on board and headed out to the 120 Spot. Here they released two striped marlin near 110 pounds, as well as a very impressive bull dorado of 52 pounds; all these were landed on caballito live bait. They also landed two yellowfin tuna of 10 pounds on cedar plugs.


Gretchen and Ryan from Washington hold up two groupers weighing about 20 pounds each, caught aboard the panga Salsa (Photo by Abraham Herrera). 

30 pound wahoo landed aboard the Pisces Knot Workin, for this angler from Texarkana, TX (Photo by Eduardo Vazquez). 

-The 38ft Pisces C Rod captained by Abel Ramirez released a nearly 300 pound blue marlin for the Abela’s from Springvale in Queensland, Australia. While the 42ft Pisces Yahoo captained by Ricardo Escamilla released a 200 pound blue marlin for some anglers from Dallas, Texas. The 31ft Pisces Cabolero captained by Hector Ayala released a 160 pound sailfish for some anglers from Arlignton, Texas. The 28ft Pisces Andrea captained by Orlando Murillo released a nice 100 pound sailfish as well as landing a good size dorado at 30 pounds for the Callahan’s from Virginia. The 35ft Pisces Knot Workin captained by Tito Olascoaga released a170 pound striped marlin, as well as landing a 30 pound wahoo and three yellowfin tuna for some anglers from Texarkana, Texas. And last but not least, the panga Salsa landed two nice grouper near 20 pounds on caballiot live baite for Gretchen and Ryan from Bellevue Washington.



LOCATION: Cabrillo seamount, San Jaime.


WEATHER CONDITIONS: Clear skies and calm seas most of the week, air temps averaging in the 80’s.




BEST LURES: Caballito live bait, cedar plugs.


Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing Fleet by Glenn Ehrenberg