Pisces Fishing Report January 26th – February 1, 2024

Overall, Success rate: 97%
Billfish (Release) 68.83%, Tuna 3.9%, Dorado 71.43%, Other 13%

Looking in our rearview mirror for the moment, 2024 began with clear skies, calm seas, and sea temps in the low 70s. It delivered memorable, exciting fishing experiences in many locations and provided multi-digit striped marlin releases for some of the fleet. At the same time, other fleet members focused on the phenomenal dorado, or the incredible yellowfin tuna bite underscored in this report.

Remarkably, the weather mainly brought light breezes and calm seas that held for nearly the entire month until the last few days, when the wind strengthened to 8 to 10 knots, followed by 5 to 6-foot waves. Since then, the wind has settled down, and we are looking forward to an exciting February with plenty of fishing action.

Friday, January 26, 2024

BBII,” a 37-ft. Billfish (2018), with Captain Osiel and Mate Joel,took their clients to the La Brecha Bank, where Anthony Luna, Graham Hebson, Jeff Stalcoh, and Kenneth Besada, all from Torrance, California, released 16 marlin (est. weight 80 to 130 pounds), hooked on Ballyhoo, plus five dorado weighing from 15 to 20 pounds that were also caught on Ballyhoo.

“REBECCA,” a 31-ft. Bertram, with Captain Jose Ramon and Mate Jose Alucano, assisted clients Greg Ronkainen and Jay Wendell from Redondo Beach, California, as they released seven striped marlin weighing approximately 80-130 pounds and caught one dorado all on mackerel at La Brecha Bank.

Captain Frank and Mate Mario on the “ADRIANA,” a 28-ft. Uniflite took Joe and Nicole Cheney, Tim Deborah, and Lee Robinson from Atlanta, Georgiaseven miles from the 180 Spot, where they caught one dorado and ten yellowfin tuna weighing around 20 to 30 pounds on cedar plugs.

Saturday, January 27, 2024 

“VALERIE,” the 35-ft. Bertram, with Captain Bruce at the helm and Mate Salvador Flores, released five striped marlin (estimated from 40 to 100 pounds) and caught two dorado from 18-22 pounds on CURRY at La Brecha Bank, with clients Collin Brown, Ethan Siegel, Joshua White, and Pearson Garnett, from Houston, Texas.  

“REBECCA,” a 31-ft. Bertram, withCaptain Jose Ramon Alucano and Mate Jose G., took clients to La Brecha Bank, where they released four striped marlin estimated to weigh 100 pounds and caught two dorado weighing 10 to 25 pounds. The clients were Greg Ronkainen and Jay Wendel from Redondo, California.

“BBII,” a 37-ft. Viking – to the delight of client Graham Hebson from Torrance, California, Captain Osiel, Mate Joel, and Gilfound marlin big time at La Brecha Bank. Hebson released 12 striped marlin (estimated from 70 to 120 pounds on live mackerel and live charrito), and he caught six dorado in the 14 to 30-pound range on mackerel.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

“C ROD,” a 38-ft. Blackfin, Captain Daniel, Mates Daniel Jr., and Omar took their guests from Las Vegas, Nevada, to the Orilla del Golden Gate Bank where they released a striped marlin (estimated to weigh 110 pounds), and they caught four Dorado, weighing from 12 to 16 pounds on Ballyhoo, mackerel, and lures. The group included Andrea Ashman, Jaxon and Karla Looney, Trent Looney, Trey Looney, and Tracey Miravite.

“MY WAY,” a 45-ft. Viking, Captain Arturo, Mate Daniel, and Jose helped their clients Adam Zeiter, Blake  Josh Hall, Tuwer, Brandon Eye, and Ronnie Fowles, from St. Louis, Missouri, hooked three marlin (estimated from 90 to 120 pounds) on Ballyhoo. They caught and released the marlin at the La Brecha Bank and six dorado weighing 10 to 18 pounds.  

On the “TIBURON,” a 31-ft. Bertram, Captain Rosendo Gomez, Mate Mario J., fishing on the La Brecha Bank, landed three dorado in the 10 to 15-pound class on dead mackerel along with two striped marlin (estimated 80 to 100 pounds) also on dead mackerel. Congratulations to Christopher Luedemann, Scott Elders, andThomas Hubers from Manhattan, Montana.

Monday, January 29, 2024

“ANDREA” 28-ft. Uniflite –  Captain Fernando Noyola and Mate Marcelo took the Ashworth family, including Clay, Dane, Gracie, and Michelle to the Margarita Bank where they caught and released two striped marlin (approximately 40 to 100 pounds). There, the marlin were taken on caballito and lures. In addition, eight dorado, from 12 – 15 pounds, were caught on lures and mackerel.

Panga Anamar 23-ft. Captain Cesar releasedtwo striped marlin (est. 110 –150 pounds) at the CERROS DE  ARENA Spot, which also yielded four dorado from 10 to 33 pounds caught on mackerel or lures by Joe Ihrke and Brooke Glass, both from Georgia.

“LA CHINGONA” 46-ft. Viking with Captain Bojorquez and Mate Miguel fished on the La Brecha Bank where their group, hailing from Angleton, Texas, and including Mr. Frank Brod, Richard Brod, Holly Brod, and Michael and Patty Siegwarth, caught four striped marlin weighing from 80  to 120 pounds that were released (they all bit live barrilete). They also caught five dorado from 10 to 15 pounds on mackerel and Ballyhoo, and they caught and released a feisty Mako shark that showed them a mouth full of sharp teeth before it swam away.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

“ANDREA”28-ft. Uniflite with Captain Fernando Noyola at the helm and Mate Marcelo Davis in the cockpit assisting anglers Terrill Hope and Susan M. Perkins, released two striped marlin (approximately 100 to 130 pounds) that took Ballyhoo or caballito at the Margarita Bank, plus four dorado in the 10 to 15-pound range taken on Ballyhoo.

Captain Beto Lira and Mate Mario Juarez on the “RUTHLESS,” a 31-ft. Bertram took Darrell Kvasager, James Fisk, and Steve Coleman, all from Eden Prairie, Minnesota to the Pozo Cota area, where they caught four dorado from 8 to 12 pounds on feathers or Ballyhoo,  nine sierra weighing from three to four pounds each on cuchis, feathers or Ballyhoo.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

“MY WAY” 45-ft. Viking. Captain Arturo and Mates Daniel and Sammy released five striped marlin (est. weight 120 to 180 pounds) caught on ballyhoo plus ten dorado weighing ten to 20 pounds on a combination of ballyhoo and feathers, with Chris Stafford, Dean Holkby, Max Jones, Michael Smith, Steven Creed, Stuart Greifinger and TJ Tackett from Columbia, South Carolina.

“ADRIANA” 28ft Uniflite, Captain Frank, Mate Mario, two striped marlin (est. 130-100lbs) one released caught on ballyhoo at Los Arcos Bank. Then they headed to Pozo Cota, where he released a striped marlin and caught three dorado from10 to 12 pounds, all caught by Jay Trementozzi from Huntington Beach, California.

“LA CHINGONA,” a 46-ft. Viking with Captain Bojorquez and Mate Miguel, took their group, including John Morton, Mark Graef, Mike Frankâ, Rick Miller, and Scott Noble, all from Addison, Texas, to the La Brecha Bank. There, they caught six striped marlin (estimated to weigh 50 to  100 pounds). They caught the fish on Ballyhoo and released them. There, they also caught nine dorado weighing in the 10 to 20-pound class.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

“RUTHLESS”31ft Bertram Captain Beto Lira and Mate Arturo Lozano fished the Colorado/Palmilla Faro area, and guests produced four stripers (estimated weights 80-90-90-14o pounds) hooked on mackerel and released. The anglers were Dan Schiestel, Terri-Ann Schiestel, Gage Schiestel, and Ashley Willards, all from Teeswater, Ontario, Canada.

“My Way,” a 45-ft. Viking, run by Captain Arturo and Mate Daniel, released five striped marlin (weight from 70 to 80 pounds) on ballyhoo and black and purple lures in the La Ballena/Sta Maria area.

“Sea Senora,” a 42-ft. Post Sport Fisher with Captain Carmelo at the helm and Mate Omar running the cockpit. Anglers Ben Pickens, Melissa Pickens,  Bert Pickens, Richard Kearse, and Susan Pickens from South Carolina hooked and released three striped marlin (weighing around 100 to 110 pounds). The three marlin were hooked on cabillito or mackerel and released at the Cabeza De Ballena Area.

LOCATION:La Brecha Bank,  “Faro” Bank, Margarita Bank, and Golden Gate Bank.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Overall calm seas, light winds on some days tapering off by midday – between 5 and 8 kts.
BEST LURES: Mackerel, Ballyhoo Cedar Plugs. and marlin lures