Pisces Fleet, Fish Report April 19-25, 2024

Pisces Report – 17th Week of 2024 Overall Catch Success Rate, All Species Combined 81.82%

Billfish Catch Success Rate, Billfish, 40.91% Dorado 9.09% Tuna 22.73% Other Species 34.09%

Week 17 began with weather similar to the preceding week—calm seas, clear skies, afternoon breezes never exceeding 8 kts, and sea temperatures ranging from 69 to 74 degrees F.

Most of the Pisces fleet followed their lead from the previous week, which was best in the Punta Gordo area for Striped Marlin plus nice-sized Yellowfin Tuna.

"My Way" crew and guests with their yellowfin tuna.,

However, Captain Arturo, with Mates Daniel and Joel aboard the “MY WAY,” a 45-foot Viking, had information that the Iman Bank, traditionally attracting the Yellowfin, this time of the year farther up in the Sea of Cortez, had been productive for a few boats. They followed the lead, and the gamble paid off for Marshall Cromer from Oakland, California. By the end of the day, he had landed two Yellowfin weighing 45 to 50 pounds and several Grouper in the area on live sardina.

Last week, as mentioned, a handful of Banks consistently produced throughout the week. The “RUTHLESS,” a 31-foot Bertram with Captain Beto Lira and Mate Jesus Romero, added another to our growing list.

A couple with her large dorado.

Their group from McKinney, Texas, Brandon Honea, Jason Dyer, and Jason Toothman, released two Striped Marlin estimated to weigh 100 to 120 pounds that they hooked on cocinero/caballito, five miles out from Del Cerro Bank, and two 15 to 20-pound Dorado that they caught on Ballyhoo in the same area.

A striped marlin right after being hooked leaping.

Andrew Goodman, Hunter Fiume, and Travis Fiume from Lakewood, Colorado, were fishing with Captain Juan Lopez and Mate JC Martinez on the “BILL COLLECTOR II,” a 35-foot Cabo Flybridge, and released a couple of Striped Marlin estimated to weigh 100 to 130 pounds that they had hooked with Ballyhoo/ Curry blue and white lure and released at Punta Gorda.

La Brisa at the dock

“LA BRISA,” a 31-foot Bertram, with Captain Bruce and Mate Jesús Winkler, with their guests, Jeff Mercer and Leah Mercer from Tucson, Arizona, took their chances at Cerros Blancos, where they managed to release two Striped Marlin weighing approximately 100 to 120 pounds. The fish took caballito.

The BBll backing into the slip
#BBIIat dock

Captain Osiel and Mates Joel and Gil returned to last week’s productive Punta Gorda on the 37-foot Viking Billfish 2018, “BBII,” this time with clients Dave Bucker, Gregory, Jan Skipitis, and Marisa Emmerson, all visiting from Redding, California.

The guests had an exciting and memorable day releasing two Striped Marlin estimated to weigh between 80 and 100 pounds that couldn’t resist a well-presented Ballyhoo. They put up an impressive fight, leaping and fighting before being released.

“CHASIN TAIL,” a 62-foot Viking, run by Captain Pepe with Mates Ulises, Hamo, and Dulce, chose to head up to the Iman Bank, enticed by the rumored variety of species. At the renowned Iman Bank, locals Heather Steenge Hart, Jaclyn Marie Kopnisky, Reese Vincent Hart, Rick Wendland, and Shawn Thomson, all from San Jose del Cabo, Baja Sur, Mexico, battled four Yellowfin  Tuna ranging in the 35 to 40-pound class. Surface poppers and live sardina fooled the Tuna.

David Bell from Bountiful, Utah, aboard the “REELS N DIRT,” an immaculate 72-foot Viking Skybridge, with Captain Alan, Mates Kike, and Mel, all had one of those memorable days Cabo is famous for, filled with a “bucket list” of excitement and variety.

Five species were delivered at the Iman Bank in the Sea of Cortez that day. It is always an impressive accomplishment; however, this day, they included some Dorado, also known as the mahi-mahi or common dolphinfish, that live near the surface and are known for their vibrant colors, including greens, yellows, and blues. This was a 20-pound model that devoured a sardina, and displayed its acrobatic skills before being brought aboard.  

There were Yellowfin Tuna, a species of Tuna found in local waters and are a sucker for a well-presented sardina. While 40 pounds is impressive for many visiting anglers, much larger ones weighing over 100 pounds are not uncommon.
Also on the catch list this day was an Amberjack that spends most of its time near the bottom, awaiting a stray sardina or other baitfish to swim by.   In addition, several other bottom fish, including Grouper and Triggerfish, were added to the day’s catch list for David Bell.  

In addition to the four Yellowfin Tuna in the  35 to 40-pound class, they caught a Bonito, four Grouper on sardina, and a 35-pound Wahoo that couldn’t resist a fast-retrieved popper. They caught all on either live sardina or poppers.

During the long ride back to the Pisces Marina, everyone was treated to a specially prepared victory lunch celebrating another of the day’s exciting catches.

Once again, our “Pisces Fleet Team Work” kept up with which Banks were producing and followed the fish as they moved from one Bank to another. Congratulations to the crews for another unbelievable, fun-filled week of sport fishing that Los Cabos is famous for.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Calm seas, with light breezes midday – between 3 and 7 kts.
AVERAGE WATER TEMP        70f.-73f
BEST LURES: Mackerel, Ballyhoo and Sardina, Cedar Plugs, yoyos
, and blue and white marlin lures.

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Gary Graham – That Baja Guy