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Pisces Fleet, Fish Report March 29-April 4, 2024

Overall Catch Success Rate, All Species Combined 87.67%

Billfish Catch Success Rate, Billfish, 34.25%% Dorado 30.14% Tuna 32.88% Other Species 42.47%

Beau sums up his “awesome!!!” day, which is only one of many exciting weeks as we move closer to spring.

The client’s choice determines which species most fleet boats target. Regardless of the fish chosen or where they are located, the client has shots at them and catches their desired species.

My Way Photo Tuna

“MY WAY,” a 45-foot Viking, with Captain Arturo and Mates Daniel and Josue, eagerly awaited their group from Oakland, California. There had been some tempting info about yellowfin tuna on the Iman Bank, 22 miles up on the Sea of Cortez side of the Peninsula.

The Captain outlined where they were going and why, and the group could barely contain their enthusiasm. They got there quickly with the light breezes and calm sea.

 There were already boats in the area, and bird schools were soaring and diving, indicating that there was bait on the bank. A handful of the larger-feeding yellowfin tuna had balled up some of the bait into a school.

The morning passed fast as they chased one spot of fish to another.  Using fly-lined sardina, the anglers cast into the fray. It took the two a little time to get the hang of the technique before one came tight to a fleeing yellowfin. With the Captain and crew offering advice on landing the giant fish – “Lift the rod, wind down, and do it again!” – finally, there was deep color as the yellowfin swam slowly in large circles under the 45-foot Viking.

At last, the first exhausted yellowfin of the day broke the surface, and they lifted it onto the deck.

By mid-morning, another tuna was on the deck. The anglers were “high-fiving” each other and catching their breath. Then, turning, they realized the tuna school had disappeared.

So, they re-rigged and changed their tactics to fish for other species. By the time they headed back to the Marina, their total score included:

Two       50 to 60-pound     Yellowfin Tuna     sardina   Iman
Two       3 to 4-pound          Sierra                      sardina   Iman
Seven    5 to 8-pound          Grouper                  sardina   Iman
One       20 to 25-pound      Wahoo                    sardina   Iman

“CALIENTE,” a 42-foot Cabo Flybridge with Captain Jaime at the helm and Mate Luis overseeing the cockpit, greeted the group hailing from Vacaville, California, consisting of Allyssa Shafer, Clarke Guglielmoni, Colby Shafer, Dylan Shafer, Paul Guglielmoni, Randy Shafer, Ricky Shafer.

They started their morning at the Cabeza De Ballena Bank, where the dorado had been located over the past several days. Calm seas, with light breezes and sea temps of 71 and 72 degrees were ideal –just what the dorado needed. Throughout the morning, Captain Jaime zig-zagged back and forth, trolling fresh ballyhoo.

Recently, the smaller dorado that had almost been a nuisance had been replaced by a larger grade of fish. This day, that was not the case. And, by late morning, when the bite had slowed, the group had landed four dorado weighing 12, 15, 20, and 25 pounds.

Captain Jaime decided to check out Margarita Bank, where there had been some nice-sized yellowtail. Sure enough, the hunch paid off, and the group landed two Baja yellowtail weighing 23 and 25 pounds, known for their hard-fighting characteristics.       

Captain Rosendo Gomez at the helm and Mate Jose handling the deckof TIBURON,” a 31-foot Bertram beelined to the Palmlla y Cabo Real Bank where several Pisces Fleet boats had reported spotting both striped marlin and dorado. His group for the day consisted of Ben Sturgell, Camden Mendiola, Cameron Matosich, Jeffrey Mendiola, and Shawn Doherty.

They had quite a day catching and releasing a striped marlin weighing approximately 120 pounds.

Adding to the already exciting morning was the appearance of a school of dorado. The gang couldn’t get over the brightly colored golden dorado going airborne when hooked. By the time the colorful fish disappeared, they had boated six in the 10 to 20-pound class.

YAHOO,” a 42-foot Bertram, run by Captain Ricardo Escamilla and Mate Yahoo Jose Escamilla-Yahoo with their clients, Addison Kiser, Avinne Kiser, Grant Kiser, John Kiser, Logan Kiser released: Yahoo Grant Kiser mp4

One     90 to 100-pound    Striped Marlin     cocinero  Frente Cerro

And caught:

Two    1 to 2-pound          Triggerfish    chum        Cabeza de Ballena

“ADRIANA” F 28-f00t Uniflite rank/Jesus Romero took the following group from Yakima, Washington, Carrie Mahre, Corbin Strunk, and Tammy Brock, to the Cerro Colorado, where they caught two 10 to 12-pound dorado on ballyhoo.

Captain Abel, with Mates Jose and Mario, running the “RIPPER,” a 35-foot Cabo Flybridge to the delight of the Pacific Palisades, California group including, Greyson, Hamdy, Jagger Stepp, Jett Stepp, and Kimberly Step, helped them find and release one striped marlin weighing approximately 100 pounds that bit a cocinero at Santa Maria Bank, along with several skipjack on cuchy bait.


“LA CORONITA” isa 40-foot Cabo Express with Captain Manuel, Mate Manuel Jr., and Rafael in charge, who teased up three dorado weighing up to 20 pounds with a fresh-trolled curry. In front of another local bank, “Casita Blanca,” named after the white house visible from shore. Catching the fish were Brian McIntire, David McIntire, Finnian McIntire, Jackson Boyles, Joel Boyles, Owen McIntire, and Reece Boyles, all visiting from California and taking time out on their visit for a half-day trip. Jackson Boyles caught the biggest one!  

The Fritz Family visiting from Plymouth, Indiana, with Captain Julio Castro and his Mate Marcelo on the“TRACY ANN,” a 31-foot Bertram on the last day of the week, delivered an impressive array of species, including one striped marlin, a sheepshead, a sierra mackerel, a grouper, and a ladyfish on the Migrino Bank.

Captain Lopez and Mate Martinez waited impatiently on the “BILL COLLECTOR II,” a 35-foot Cabo Flybridge, for their day’s group from Kalispell, Montana, to arrive!  Why? Because they had dorado on their minds, and based on the information they had received, they knew where to go to find them! As soon as Abigale Chaplick, Isabella Camara, John Pepe, and Sydney Pepe arrived and were settled on the stunning 2005 Cabo Express sportfisher, Mate Martinez began untying the boat lines to leave.  Destination Cerro Colorado/Palmilla, where there had been an impressive dorado show the day before!

As they neared the site, the preceding day’s dorado bite was not a secret – the news was out! As it turned out, the dorado didn’t seem to mind the company; a dozen or more boats were already tacking around the area.

During the morning, the birds dived on bait balls, driven to the surface by the hungry dorado and skipjack. Clickers howled, and clients cheered and hollered at one another to grab a screaming rod. Happy chaos prevailed, and the morning passed quickly. The six dorado tails drummed a beat in the fish bag, and the handful of skipjack the group had caught were also in the bag, topping off the day. They had taken six of the most beautiful fish in the ocean and some of the most delicious. The day could not have been more perfect, and they were eager to plan their next trip.

Once again, fishing for what was biting, was far more productive and fun than attempting to catch a species that was not in the mood to bite.

“LA CHINGONA 46ft Viking

Late Thursday afternoon, Captain Antonio Bojorquez, Mates Néstor Hinojos
and Luis González, and their anglers on the “LA CHINGONA,” a 46-foot Viking, underscored the value of waiting until conditions were favorable before targeting a specific species.

For the past few weeks, the excellent striped marlin action anglers enjoyed in January and February, which yielded double-digit “catch and releases,” had slowed somewhat to low single-digit numbers.

The crew and anglers bided their time, scoring with the variety of species available in our waters. They were ready when news came that the Gordo Banks’ conditions had improved.  

The La Chingona crew and the group from Arkansas, including Bobby Clemence, Brandon Olson, Curtis Enyeart, Melissa Clemence, Shanna Olson, and Shawna Enyeart, caught and released SEVEN STRIPED MARLIN! The fish ranged in size from 100 to 130 pounds and took fresh bait (cocinero and ballyhoo).  

CONGRATULATIONS to the crew and anglers!

LOCATION: Iman Bank, Los Arcos, Magrino, Cabeza De Ballena Bank, Afuera Del Cerro, Palmilla, Margarita, and Gaspareno Bank, Palmlla y Cabo Real bank

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Some medium-sized waves, wind midday – between 5 and 11 kts.
BEST LURES: Mackerel, Ballyhoo and Cocinero, Cedar Plugs. and marlin lures.

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