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Bisbees Offshore Tournament Winners!

Shown: Angler Ron Kawaja and Captain Victor Julio (right and left of fish, respectively). Photo by Pelagic Team.

This year’s Bisbees Offshore Tournament, nicknamed the “Little Bisbees” as it takes place the 15th and 16th of October, only a few days before the Bisbees Black And Blue Tournament, and usually has fewer teams. This year though, there were an amazing 187 boats participating, making it the biggest “little Bisbees” in history. Such a large number of teams made for the largest pot ever too, $1.96 Million Dollars total.

The two day tournament only produced one qualifying fish in the Marlin division. Black or Blue Marlin need to weigh over 300 lbs to qualify. Team Pelagic landed a 319 lbs Black Marlin on Day One. Angler was Ron Kawaja and Captain Victor Julio. The Marlin hit on a Lure.

An impressive catch, to take 1st Place Tuna Division for Chinito Bonito.

Team Chinito Bonito landed the only qualifying Yellowfin Tuna of the tournament as well, caught on Day One, weighing in at 179 lbs. Angler was David Ahn and Captain David Martinez. Day Two these guys also had a big Tuna on that they fought for over 4 HOURS (and we’re thinking must have been nearing the 300 lbs mark)! Sadly they lost the fish, but with no other qualifiers that day and their Big Tuna on Day One already, they ended up taking home everything from the Tuna Division anyhow! 


1st Place Bisbees Offshore, Largest Marlin: Team Pelagic –  $863,480 USD! The Largest check ever awarded at the Bisbees Offshore.

1st Place Release Division: Team Quiteña $89,505 USD

2nd Place Release Division: Team Pura Vida $30,982 USD 

3rd Place Release Division: Team Game Plan $17,212 USD

1st Place Tuna Division: Team Chinito Bonito –  $305,920 USD

A big congratulations to all the winning teams!



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