First Swordfish of the Season landed!

Approx 260lbs Swordfish becomes the first of the 2022 Season in Cabo!

The fish was caught aboard Gaviota IX (not a Pisces Vessel) with Captain Cesar Ruiz at the helm and Mate Plutarco Cesena. Captain Cesar is no stranger to landing surface Swords as he has caught 8 of them so far in the Cabo area, but had not caught one in many years.

He spotted this fish a few miles out of Santa Maria area and his Mate pitched a live mackerel to it. The Sword took it on the first cast and the angler, Scott, who had never caught a Swordfish before, landed it in 1.4 hours. He fought it on 40# line and 150# leader.

Last year was one of the best seasons we’ve ever had for Swordfish in Cabo, with Pisces vessels landing 5 Surface Swords in just 2 months. And even though fishing has slowed the last few days with changing weather and water temps, we’re hoping this fish marks the beginning of many more to come!

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