Los Cabos Billfish and Bisbees Offshore Fishing Tournament Winners

Tournament Season in Cabo has taken off with a bang! Starting off the season we had the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament (LCBT), taking place October 12th thru 14th. There were 49 teams participating, and quite a bit of money involved, in a wide array of categories. Of course, Largest marlin, but also a Wahoo, Tuna and Dorado Daily Division. 

The Largest Marlin caught in the Tournament, A 593 lbs black Marlin caught by Hugo Pino onboard Stella June.

CatchStats Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

Black Marlin3
Blue Marlin13
Striped Marlin52
Pacific Sailfish1
Bigeye Tuna0
Yellowfin Tuna6
Billfish / Team1.43
Total Numbers of Teams and Fish Caught during the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament

Los Cabos Billfish Tournament Awards and Prize Money, October 12th thru 14th

We were very happy to see two Pisces boats and local crews place in the LCBT. The first is Pisces 35′ Bill Collector 2, which boated the winning Wahoo on Day One. This win makes it the third 1st place win this year so far (This crew — Captain Gil Castro, Ronaldo Castro and Juan Carlos Martinez — took 1st Place in the Tuna Division at Bisbee’s Offshore Fishing Tournaments East Cape and 1st Place in the Wahoo Gold Cup Tournament). To top it off this Wahoo, at 37.5 lbs, was fought by young female angler Samantha Waters.

Pisces 35′ Bill Collector 2 and Pisces 32′ Bill Collector Took Tuna and Wahoo Categories on different days!

Day Three, Pisces 32′ Bill Collector, Captained by Juan Carlos Lopez and Mate Esteban Balderas with angler Mark Chiavetta, landed a 76.2 lbs Tuna to take 1st Place. Prize money $6,300 USD.

1st Place Team and Day one and Day Two Marlin Jackpots for “El Suertudo” with two fish weighed in a 350 pounder on Day One and a 396 Pounder on Day Two! Both fish were caught by angler Jeff Richardson. This earned them $344,700 USD.

2nd Place Marlin for “Stella June” with a 593 lbs Black Marlin caught by Hugo Pino, and Day 3 Daily Marlin Jackpot. Plus, they boated a 236 lbs Yellowfin to take Day One Tuna Jackpot. This earned them a total of $249,000 USD.

3rd Place Marlin for Artemis and Angler Josh Leffler with a 315 lbs Marlin taking $31,500 USD.

Bisbees Los Cabos Offshore Awards and Prize Money, October 15th thru 17th.

The 2020 Bisbees Los Cabos Offshore Tournament has ended, taking place over two days, October 16th and 17th. This year’s tournament had a record breaking number of boats, in what has been commonly called the “Little Bisbees”. A total of 129 boats participated and so may not keep its nickname going forward it seems… the total prize money: $1,457,000.00 Dollars. All Covid restrictions were in place, with social distancing, masks and no large gatherings. Even at weigh in, onlookers followed guidelines, and only one angler was allowed at the scale to weigh in their fish.  

We were happy to see, once again, a Pisces Vessel in the Winners circle. Pisces 35’ Knot Workin’, took Day Two 1st Place Tuna Division with a 177 lbs Yellowfin. 

Here are the awards and total prize money:

1st Place Marlin was for “Sporty Game” with a 514 lbs Blue Marlin caught by Angler Jacob Rodriguez, earning them $837,816.00. 

2nd Place Marlin “Pocket Aces” with a 424 lbs Black Marlin on day two caught by Angler
Salvatierra, earning them $293,544.00.

3rd Place Marlin “Will 2 Win” with a 320 lbs Black Marlin on day one caught by Angler Jeremy Willer, earning them $10,080.00.

For the daily Dorado and Tuna Jackpots there were about 100 teams entered, making for a nice payout. Jim Putnan, owner and angler on True Grit landed an impressive 228 lbs Yellowfin at a nail-biting weigh in. Team North Star had weighed in a 225 pounder that day too. The 228 pound fish on True Grit earned the team a cool $138,760 dollars, as North Start was knocked out of the moneys.

Pisces 35′ Knot Workin’ Took Day Two 1st Place Tuna

Day Two Captain Tito Oloascoaga and Mate Abraham on the Pisces 35’ Knot Workin’ weighed in a 177lbs Tuna that gave angler  Brandon Hilley and team “El Chilorio” first place. They took home $85,000 USD as the Dorado moneys rolled into the Tuna Category (no Dorado were weighed). 

The Billfish Release Division was taken by  Nsatia Bill, with 900 points for 1 Blue Marlin and 6 Striped Marlin released. First place earned them $59,670.00.

Second Place went to Sea Angel, earning them $20,655.00 for 1 Blue Marlin and 3 Striped Marlin released. 

Third Place Release went to Protocol, landing a $11,475.00 check. 

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