Amazing Footage Never Seen Before Orca Eats Manta

This amazing footage was captured by Captain Miguel Tercero aboard Pisces Yacht Chica Mala, a 53 ft Sunseeker today. 

Our guests today were Kristen Watson and friends from Oregon who were totally “wowed” by the spectacle. They were cruising off Cabeza Ballena, in the Sea of Cortez, when they saw some whales up on the surface, they noticed a dolphin mixed in with the whales and then an unusual and large fin; they realized that the color was different on this animal, almost like it was wearing a saddle.  Captain Miguel whipped out his Go Pro and got it into the water as what he now realized was a killer whale approached. The whale (technically from the dolphin family) was fearless and readily made it’s way towards the boat where it proceeded to show off it’s catch. Miguel said “it’s as if she was saying look what I caught” as she flashed them the manta ray she was clutching before swimming away. Sightings like this are extremely rare, unusual to see a killer whale alone and we have not found anybody that had ever seen anything like this before. Just another day on the job for Captain Miguel and Deckhand Gabriel, who do an amazing job of showing guests the beauty of Cabo and get just as excited as the visitors at the miracles of nature they see every day. 

This was the second day out for Kristen and friends they loved their trip so much from yesterday that they booked another trip for today.

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