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Pisces Fleet, Fish Report April 12-18 2024

Pisces Report – 16th Week of 202Overall Catch Success Rate, All Species Combined 84.21%
Billfish Catch Success Rate, Billfish, 70.18% Dorado 10.53% Tuna 10.53% Other Species 21.05%

Our 16th week of 2024 began with clear skies, 8 to 10 knots of wind midday, and ocean temps that held at 70+ degrees along with 5 to 6-foot seas. Judging from the daily catch reports for Friday, April 12, 2024, all seemed ideal for striped marlin.

Striped Marlin 49

Bonito                       3
Grouper                    4
Ladyfish                  12
Mako shark              1
Skipjack                    1

Total Caught     70

“BBII,” a 37-foot Viking 2018, with Captain Luis and Mate Joel, targeted billfish for clients Christian Jensen, Evan Boland, Jared Rae, and Patric Maloney. They caught and released 12 Striped Marlin at Punta Gorda Bank went home happy, vowing to return soon!

“LA CHINGONA,” 46-foot Viking, with Captain Cono Bojorquez and mates Miguel and Nestor found billfish for Cody Bradshaw, Cody Young, and Tate Streater from Oklahoma and released 8 Striped Marlin, also at Punta Gorda.

And on the RUTHLESS,” a 31-foot BertramCaptainBeto Lira, and Mate Jesus Romero assisted Bryan Huston, Cheyenne Toddy, Christian Garza JarvisJeremy Mendoza, Jose Garcia, and Marco Monroy released 5 Striped Marlin at Punta Gorda.

“TRACY ANN,” a 31-foot Bertram Julio Castro and- TracyAnn Raul Leal, made Jermey and Michelle Curran, Kenneth Bjork, and Blair Bjork’s trip from California complete when they helped them catch and release 4 Striped Marlin at Punta Gorda.

“VALERIE,” the 35-foot Bertramwith Captain Bruce at the helm and Mate Salvador Flores assisting, Brenna Tanzosh, Chris Washko, Ronald Dellinger, and Scott Boss released four striped marlin at Punta Gorda.

“MY WAY,” a 45-foot Viking with Captain Arturo at the helm and Josue manning the cockpit while Derek Cole, Joseph Evans, and Shawn Pierce, from Oklahoma, caught and released 4 Striped Marlin at Punta Gorda.

Captain Pepe and deckhands Ramon, Ramiro, and Dulceon the “CHASIN TAIL,” a 62-foot Viking, with Brittany Mason, Bryce Ferguson, Charles Rimer, Clayton Smith, Eric Reyes, Jennifer Reyes, Kara Smith, Miranda Rimer released 3 Striped Marlin at Punta Gorda.
 “TIBURON,” a 31-foot Bertram, with Captain Rosendo Gomez and Mate Carlos Santos assisted Jeffrey Kamei,and Paul Park hooked and released 3 Striped Marlin at Pueblo/Arcos.

Amid the “Striper Frenzy,” some of the crews and their anglers found time to add other species to their daily catch list.

“RIPPER,” a 35-foot Cabo Flybridge, with Captain Abel and Mate Ninja, looked on as Ben Hadick, Evan Racah, James Heiserman, Max Dugas, and Ryan Seys, from California released 2 Striped Marlin at HardRock/Pedregal and caught 1 Bonito at Faro Bank.

“SPEEDWELL,” a Mediterranean, run by Captain Victor Pirata Sandez and Mate Miguel and Victor whose clients, Cam Dillard, Charlie Lobsenz, Kyle Trask, Noa Banks, Ryan Rush,  and Tyler Jordan  released 2 Striped
 and 4 Skipjack at Punta Gorda.

Captain Lopez and Mate Martinez Palmilla on the “BILL COLLECTOR II,” a 35-foot Cabo Flybridge, group Daniel Nanas, Gianluca Mazzarini, Jake Partlow, Josh Gevertz,
Mark Hansen, and Massimo Marra-Biggs from, California 
released  1   Striped Marlin on the Cerro Colorado Bank as well as caught 2  Bonito, and  12     Ladyfish.

“KNOT WORKIN,” 35-foot Cabo Flybridge with Captain Israel and Mates Abraham and Osmar, a group including Alan Guy, Kyle Landon, and Ronald Yen, from San Francisco California caught a Striped Marlin and a Mako shark at the Faro.

All of the boats above caught striped marlin this day!


Punta GordaPuebla Bonito/ ArcosCerro ColoradoPalmilla, Faro,  PedregalCabeza de BallenaSanta Mariadel Cerro5 Millas Fuera Cerro, and San Luis are all local banks.

 So, precisely what is a Bank? A bank, or seamount, is a part of the ocean floor much more shallow than the surrounding area, like the top or mesa of an underwater hill. Usually, a bank is formed by volcanic activity, and because of their abundance, seamounts are some of the most common marine ecosystems in the world. Because of the interactions between seamounts and underwater currents, plus the elevated position of the seamount in the water, they attract plankton, coral, fish, marine mammals, and birds. 

The banks around the Baja peninsula have been the sportfishing anglers’ “fields of dreams” for local or visiting Captains, crews, and anglers for decades, offering the ideal venue for the fine-tuning of innovative fishing techniques, regardless of style – spin, fly, bait-casting, or trolling – or for just having fun. In addition, they hold an unparalleled assortment of gamefish common to the area, many of which are within a fifty-mile radius of Cabo San Lucas.

 While the striped marlin has slowed somewhat, it remained steady throughout the week as some fleet boats spent more time chasing other species.

 “MY WAY,” a 42-foot Viking, with Arturo, Daniel, Joel, and Marshall Cromer from Oakland caught the following One 25-pound Dorado, four 25 to 45-pound Yellowfin Tuna , four    6 to 7-pound  Grouper and two  5 to 6-pound  Red Snapper all  San Luis bank

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Calm seas, with light breezes midday – between 3 and 7 kts.
AVERAGE WATER TEMP        70f.-73f
BEST LURES: Mackerel, Ballyhoo and Cocinero, Cedar Plugs, yoyos
, and various colored marlin lures.

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